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All Occasions

All Occasion Gift Baskets

An occasion is defined as: “Special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration, etc.”  (as defined by

Types of Occasions:

Many types of events fall under this category.

  1. Anniversaries of all types (first, second, 50th, work)
  2. The first day of school
  3. Report cards
  4. Victories
  5. Promotions
  6. Funerals/Deaths
  7. Moving
  8. Sports Season beginning and end
  9. Opening and Closing nights
  10. A special visitor; 8. Health victory
  11. Weight loss goal met
  12. College Acceptance
  13. Graduation
  14. Summer camp surprise/care package
  15. Passing the drivers exam
  16. Birthdays
  17. New Home purchase
  18. Just because
  19. Birth of a new baby or adoption

and so much more. I bet you can add to this list!

Celebrations bring people together. They unite us in joy and happiness most times. In other times it is celebrating the passing of someone’s life that impacted us in unique and memorable ways.

What better way to celebrate life than with a gift of thanksgiving and joy! I cannot think of anything better than a gift on my birthday or when I accomplished something big in my life.

Remembering is important. When we celebrate both the simple and monumental moments joy and happiness is brought to someone we love or care about.

There are times to celebrate you. Consider purchasing a monthly gift basket to remind you that you too are important and worth celebrating.

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